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Dog Rubber Flying Disc


30 Days Warranty

7 days for exchanges and returns

Color: Red

Give your dog a fun and engaging playtime experience with the Dog Rubber Flying Disc. Its durable and flexible construction, soft catch, multiple size options, lightweight design, and vibrant colors make it the perfect toy for interactive games of fetch. So, grab a disc and enjoy endless hours of bonding and fun with your furry friend!

- Durable and Flexible: Made from natural rubber, this flying disc is designed to withstand rigorous playtime sessions and can handle dogs of all sizes. The flexibility of the rubber ensures that it maintains its shape even after repeated use.

- Soft and Gentle Catch: The softness and flexibility of the rubber make the disc ideal for a softer and gentler catch, making it perfect for teething puppies or dogs with sensitive mouths. You can play fetch without worrying about causing any discomfort to your furry friend.

- Multiple Size Options: The flying disc comes in three different size selections - 15cm, 19cm, and 23cm. This allows you to choose the size that best suits your dog's breed and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable play experience.

- Lightweight Design: Weighing only 100g, this flying disc is lightweight and easy to throw, providing excellent flight performance. Its lightness also ensures that it won't cause any harm or physical damage if accidentally caught by your dog.

- Assorted Colors: The disc is available in fantastic assorted colors including blue, orange, green, and red. You can choose your dog's favorite color or mix and match for added fun during playtime.

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Dog Rubber Flying Disc
Dog Rubber Flying Disc
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